MCB Enclosures

We are one of the leading MCB Distribution Boards Manufacturer in India. A MCB Distribution Board additionally called Board where we put our MCB's or we can say that it is a Electrical Board for Power Supply Framework. A MCB Distribution Board empowers circulation of the electrical power supply into various circuits while giving an electrical switch or a defensive breaker for each circuit in a similar fenced in area. In basic terms, the principle dispersion board is where the primary supply link enters and is then in this manner appropriated to the breakers and from that point to every one of the circuits, or switch sheets.

Wholesaler of a wide range of products which include Three Pole Neutral MCB, Single Pole MCB, Single Pole Neutral MCB, Double Pole MCB, Three Pole MCB and Four Pole MCB.

No.of Ways MCB Plastic Enclosures
without Cover
(Cat. No.)
MCB Plastic Enclosures with
Cover (Cutouts)
Plastic Enclousers with
Cover Fitted with Din Rail.
(Cat. No.)
MCB Enclosures Sheet Metal
Sheet Steel Powder
Coated Enclousers.
1 / 2 GBT0218 GBT0193 GBT0196
3 / 4 GBT0219 GBT0194 GBT0198
6 -- GBT0195 --