Outdoor LED Light Manufacturer

Bill Tech Electricals is India's leading Outdoor LED Light Manufacturer in India. Led Bulbs square measure nice for indoor and outside use. However, an associate semiconductor diode that may be used outsides ought to be rated for outdoor use. Most bulbs have a UL (Underwriters Laboratory) rating. betting on the number of exposure the bulb can face, you must use an associate semiconductor diode bulb with a wet/damp rating or a minimum of a humid rating.

Generally speaking, most lightweight bulbs, whether or not incandescent, fluorescent, CFL, or a light-emitting diode can have a UL rating. The UL rating can indicate in what conditions the bulb will be used. Bulbs rated for indoor use mustn't be used outdoors. Bulbs rated for outside use will be used outside or inside. Since they're designed to face up to the weather, they work even as effectively outside as within.

The biggest issue with outside lighting is that the unsafe mingling of water and electricity. counting on wherever the bulb is placed and what kind of fixture it's placed in, totally different measures and constructions could also be needed to stay a bulb from obtaining wet.