Static Energy Meter Manufacturer in India

Static Energy Meter Manufacturer

Static Energy Meter

Bill Tech Electrical Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading Static Energy Meter Manufacturer in India. The traditional Energy Meter takes a shot at the rule of electromagnetic acceptance. It has a turning non-attractive however electrically conductive metal plate. The circle is mounted on a shaft between two electromagnets. It turns at a speed corresponding to the power going through the meter. Along these lines, the number of upsets of the circle is corresponding to the vitality utilization.

  • Static Energy Meter- Single Phase Electronic Energy Meter Polycarbonate Casing
  • Three Phase 4 Wire Electronic Energy Meters
  • (Direct /CT Operated) for Low Voltage Application 415V AC, 50 Hz
  • IS:13779/ IEC:61036 ISI Marked Class- 1 Polycarbonate Casing